My name is Loredana Gasparotto. I was born in Italy, beneath the shadows of the Venetian Prealps foothills. Like any individual anywhere across the globe, I grew and came of age in blissful obscurity. Like the town covered in the silhouette of the Alps, the person I had once been was living in the shadows.

However, the essence of me – the identity residing dormant within my soul–was never truly conceived until I arrived in New York City. It wasn’t until the moment my feet touched the “terra ferma” of Manhattan that I realized, in this new country across the vast expanse of the Atlantic, that I finally had the opportunity to recreate myself. The Loredana of Bassano Del Grappa had passed away. What took her place was a new woman, one who had been born of her own creativity and ideas – one with the dream of being able to tell the story of all of us who continue on, dissatisfied, with seemingly predestined lives of ambiguity.

I shed the skin of my former self and began to grow another. I enrolled myself in film school so that I could relate these stories of self-conception on screen for anyone in the world to see. Through film I could reveal our birthing pangs – the trials of those of us who struggle to locate their souls at the center of the act of artistic creation.

I could expose on screen the struggles that the chaotic, creative, and yet fertile mind experiences as it constantly faces opposition from a society that craves order and favors mediocrity. Because of film I understood that I could relate a story to the audience that would speak to and awaken the dormant artist within them.

Pentimento was conceived because of this desire to live a true life. With your help, Pentimento, the story of us all, can be born.


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